Ahalia</span. Women and Children’s hospital was started as a Maternity and Children hospital. We provide the very best care for children suffering from a host of ailments. We recognize the need for highly differentiated and specialized care in order for our little humans to thrive and we take great pride in providing the best of it. While our technology is indeed state-of-the-art, the warm personal touch of our highly experienced physicians makes a major difference.

Thousands of children have been treated for a wide array of complex pediatric conditions with result at par with international standards. General Pediatric Outpatient Department functions on all days and provides all emergency care to children covering a wide variety of illnesses and also has a well baby clinic for routine immunization.


The Well Baby & Immunization Clinic functions daily from 08:00 AM to 07:00 PM.

The conditions treated and services available at Ahalia women and Children’s hospital are:


  •  Common cough, cold and fever
  •  Asthma and other respiratory disorders
  •  Food allergies
  •  Skin infections
  •  Gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea,

      constipation, colic pain and vomiting

  •  ENT problems
  •  Paediatric surgeries major & minor conducted
  •  Nutrition counseling for toddlers and children
          detailing about when, why, what and how to
          start solids
  •  Developmental Pediatrics dealing with
    delayed motor & sensory progress
  •  Behavioural disorders like ADHD (Attention
    deficit hyperactive disorder), ADD (Attention
    deficit disorder)
  •  Immunization
  •  Pediatric and adolescent Endocrinology
    (problems regarding growth puberty, thyroid,
    diabetes, obesity, bone & calcium disorders)
  •  24 hours Pediatric Casualty
  •  Neonatal ICU
  •  Pediatric ICU
  •  Nutrition clinic
  •  Vaccination clinic

A vaccination booklet is given to parents for the immunization schedule from birth up to age 16. Our hospital upholds the “cold chain” system that maintains optimal conditions during the transport, storage, and handling of vaccines, starting at the manufacturer and ending with the administration of the vaccine to the baby. Do schedule an appointment with one of our consultants if you’re concerned about your child’s well-being.