Neonatology at Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital: Comprehensive Care for Newborns

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Comprehensive Care for Newborns

One of life’s most joyful experiences is welcoming a newborn into the world. But for other people, this can also be a period of anxiety and fear, particularly if there are medical issues that call for specialized treatment. The Neonatology team at Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital provides round-the-clock, comprehensive care to sick babies, both in-born, and referred babies from other hospitals 

In order to give neonates the finest care possible, the Neonatology team at Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital is comprised of two qualified Neonatologists (DM Neonatology), Paediatricians, and well-trained NICU Nursing Staff. Modern medical technology and equipment are available in the department to provide the best care possible for the sickest and tiniest neonates. The team specializes in treating complicated neonatal disorders that need specialized care, ensuring that every newborn in their care has the best results possible.

One of the key aspects of neonatology at Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital is Family-centered care, where parents are encouraged to spend time with their babies in NICU. 

Ahalia Level III NICU has in-house digital X Ray, in-house Ultrasound scanning & ECHO scanning facilities. Screening for congenital hypothyroidism and Hearing screening (OAE/BERA), are carried out for all new-borns. These screening tests are critical in identifying potential health issues early, allowing for prompt intervention and treatment. Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a potentially blinding disorder that affects the retina of the eye, is more likely to occur in premature babies. ROP screening is done within the NICU at Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital, ensuring prompt diagnosis and treatment

Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital offers a highly qualified and specialized Neonatal Resuscitation and Transport Team for situations where unwell infants need to be transported from other hospitals to Ahalia NICU. The team has a cutting-edge “NICU-on-wheels” ambulance that is furnished with an incubator, a Ventilator, and all other necessary supplies and medications for a patient to be transported safely. This transport system aids in ensuring that seriously unwell neonates receive rapid, specialized care from qualified medical personnel.

The specialized care provided by the Neonatology department at Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital goes beyond simple medical attention. Throughout their stay at the hospital, the NICU team makes sure that families are at ease and informed. They aim to reduce the stress and distress that usually accompany an ill newborn’s hospitalization by offering support and advice to parents and family members on how to care for their newborns.

In conclusion, the Neonatology department at Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive care for newborns, including extremely low birth weight babies, extremely premature babies, babies who require mechanical ventilation, babies with PPHN who need inhaled nitric oxide etc The dedication of Ahalia Women and Children’s Hospital in offering thorough neonatal care makes it a referral center for the region’s sick newborns, guaranteeing that every baby born has access to top-notch specialized care.

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